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I choosed some tags to help you to decide what mod you should use or not. Below the tag list for mods:

  • Should be implemented inside the game
  • Extend the gameplay
  • Resource intensive
  • Break Save Games

For assets, I'll focus on what brings a real assets.

Check Menu:

  • CS: Network Intersections
  • CS: Utiliy Buildings
  • CS: Network Mods
  • CS: Extension Mods
  • CS: Transport Buildings
  • CS: Base Mods

CS: Network Intersections

See collections.

CS: Utiliy Buildings

See collection.

CS: Network Mods

  • Network Extensions Project: Add a large nomber of road types.
    • Note: Traffic++ V2 is needed to have restrictions on the Busways and Zonable Pedestrian roads. Used by many items in the workshop.
    • Usage: To rezone correctly, click on Shift while upgrading a road.
  • Extra Train Station Tracks ( ETST ): Provide more train tracks
    • Savegame Breaker: KO, it breaks
    • Notes: Used by many train assets

CS: Transport Builings

CS: Extension Mods

  • Fine Road Tool: This mod allow you to set finer road elevation steps and also provides different building modes.
    • Notes: Straight slope doesn't work when Sharp Junction Angles' anarchy is enabled. Converting roads to double arched bridge doesn't work properly. Bulldoze and rebuild the bridge for now.
    • Shorcuts:
      • Use Ctrl + Up/Down to change the elevation step (it goes from 1m to 12m).
      • Use Ctrl + Left/Right to change between placement modes.
      • Use Home to reset the elevation.
      • Use Shift + S to toggle the Straight slope option.
  • Traffic++ V2: Allow to manage lanes, speed limits, and vehicle restrictions.
    • Documentation:
    • Savegame Breaker: Should be OK
    • Notes: Traffic++ mod and Traffic++ Improved AI mod should be unsubcribed. A game reboot is required when activating. If used, the custom roads will be included in your save games... which means you'll need Traffic++ to load them without errors. If you want to disable Traffic++, but still open those save games, enable Ghost Mode.
    • Shortcuts:
      • Left shift when editing transport line: Add one more track to the train or metro stations.
    • Compatibility: CS, AD, SF
  • Traffic Manager: President Edition: Allow to change lane, speed, vehicule type and light order.
  • Crossings: This mod allows you to places crossings on your roads at locations other than intersections and transitions between road types (where they are automatically placed).
    • Usage: To place a crossing, go to the Roads menu. Underneath the buttons which allow you to select straight, curved etc there should now be a button with a pedestrian icon on it. Select this and you will be able to place crossings at most of the same locations where you can currently create an intersection. To remove a placed crossing, simply right click on it using the same tool.
    • Savegame Breaker: Should be OK
    • Notes: If the button is not appearing for you, and you have any of the [ARIS] mods installed, please try disabling them. Pedestrian corssing may not appear if you change your road theme.
  • Toggle Traffic Lights: Tool to remove or add traffic lights at intersection. Traffic lights can be added and removed at any kind of road intersection including highways and their off- and on-ramps.
    • Usage: Move your mouse of an intersection will show you the existence of traffic lights. Left Click toggles the Traffic Lights. Right Click resets them to their original state. A button is also added into the roads menu. Right click in the Toggle Traffic Lights tool button to show more options.
    • Documentation:
    • Shortcuts:
      • Ctrl+T: Activate/Deactivate TTL by selection the TTL button in the roads menu
      • Ctrl+Shift+T: Activate/Deactivate TTL without using the button
      • Left Click: Toggle traffic light
      • Right Click: Reset traffic light to its default state
      • PageDown: Activate mode to toggle lights in tunnels
      • PageUp: Activate mode to toggle lights above the ground
      • PageUp+PageDown: Activate mode to toggle lights above and below the ground
    • Notes: The existence of traffic lights in tunnels are not visible. Therefore have to move your mouse over an underground intersection to see its current state. In future versions it'll be possible to highlight all intersections with their existence of lights.
    • Savegame Breaker: OK. The existence of traffic lights will be added to new savegames (the savegame size increases by a couple of kB (~33kB) -- I think that's negligible). The savegame can be loaded without the mod enabled but in this case the traffic lights will be reset to it's original statuses (see this table for the default statuses).
  • Sharp Junction Angles: Helps to draw sharp junctions, or close parallel roads and tracks.
    • Usage:
    • Notes: This extension is used by many many assets from the Steam Workshop. Building sharp angle junctions is only possible while anarchy is enabled. Please note, road anarchy can lead to weird results especially when building dams or bridges, so only enable it when you explicitly need it.
    • Shortcuts:
      • Ctrl + A to toggle road anarchy. Chirpy gains some weight while enabled.
      • Ctrl + B to toggle auto segment bending (toggle sharp angles).
      • Ctrl + S to toggle segment snapping. (for close parallel segments, thanks to thale5!)
    • Savegame Breaker: Should be OK. This mod cannot break savegames when disabled, since it only alters tool behaviour (just like plain road anarchy). The placed network elements are the same as without the mod, just at different coordinates. In other words, nothing is missing during map load, if the mod is disabled or broken.
  • Multi-Track Station Enabler 1.1.0: Allow to add tracks to train and metro stations.
    • Usage: While editing train lines, hold the Shift key to select individual tracks. Release the Shift key to select the default track, which is also the regional track. Regional trains will use only the default track.
    • Savegame Breaker: Should be OK
    • Notes: This feature should be implemented in Traffic++ soon.
  • IPT - Improved Public Transport 3.8.7: Control vehicles on transport lines, show more information about the line, allow to set up the ticket price, to change the vehicle type.
    • Notes: Partially compatible with Transport Lines Manager.
  • NoPillars ( v1.1+ compatible ): You can build elevated railroad, roads, and pedestrian paths without pillars, build elevated roads that use the railroad pillars instead of the clunky concrete ones, disable collision detection while building roads, or build railroad tracks in the asset editor
    • Savegame Breaker: Should be OK
    • Note: You have to unsubscribe original NoPillars mod to avoid conflicts with this fixed version
  • One-Way Train Track: Allow to set up one way train tracks.
    • Notes: If you unsubscribe this mod after placing a one way track, your save file will break. If you want to unsubscribe, you need to bulldoze all one way train tracks this mod provides first.
    • Savegame Breaker: KO
  • Districts: Associate services to districts.

CS: Base Mods

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